Beauty Concerns

I was one of those kids who went through puberty early. At first I felt awkward about it but then I thought it'd be a good thing. Maybe I'd be one of those girls to come out statuesque with great boobs. Sooooo didn't happen. I ended up short with a face full of acne and praying that I was only a late bloomer. My main beauty concern is my skin. I've had acne moderate to severe from about the age of 10. My skin still has its troubles but not nearly as bad as it used to be. I find that food, the weather, and what I put on my skin effects it. I've been to all the doctors and I've been told oh it'll go away when you're such and such age or that food has no effect or it does and then one day I was told flat out to give up hope of it just disappearing because it's probably genetic and you can't do much about that. It's a guessing game to see what will help it. It was depressing news but in a way it but also lifted a weight off my shoulders. It's ok that I'll never find the secret and I don't have to stress out about finding it. Regardless though I do try and take care of my skin. I actually stopped using prescription creams I feel it damaged my skin in the long run. I started using more moisturizing products. I only started moisturizing my skin a year ago and it changed things completely in a positive way. I was always nervous about moisturizing because my skin was oily anyway. It didn't make sense to me but I finally did it and I could kick myself for not doing it so much sooner. You'll find a lot of skincare products reviewed here. Please feel free to recommend any that you've had good experiences with.

My only other beauty concern is my weight but that can be fixed by not eating cake all the time and exercising...But if you have any motivational tips send them on over!


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