Thursday, 22 August 2013

Catrice Nail Polish (Bricky Mouse) & (Kitch Me If You Can)

Because I really did need more...?

It is no understatement to say that I own loads of nail polishes. In a previous post I said I had enough lipsticks to build a child's playhouse well...I probably have enough nail polishes to build an actual house. One day my boyfriend saw the vast amount of polishes I had and asked, "Why do you have so many of the same color?" I quickly tried to defend myself saying they were all different "shades" of a base color. Or that some nail polishes have different jobs, like being matte, glossy, or just hardcore in general. But at the end of the day...yeah I probably have too many of the same color but... I don't care. Here's two more!
First up: Bricky Mouse

I quite like Catrice products, and I think you'll be seeing a few posts on their products. They are just so affordable and let's say 8/10 times the quality is great. I've only bought a few things I've had to hide away in some dark corner or give away. I particularly like their nail polishes because they again are affordable (so when I don't like a color I don't feel as bad about buying it), decent quality (they last as long as most nail polishes) and have a beautiful range of colors all the time. 

Bricky Mouse is a nude-pink and although you can't see it in this picture there is some shimmer to it. Also, this is only one coat (I meant to do two coats but got tired). Decent color payoff for only one coat.  It went on smooth and I think I quite like the color. What do you think?

And Now: Kitch Me If You Can

Now I'm a sucker for glitter. Well, at least on my nails and sometimes on my eyes/lips. And to think I was a goth kid in high school. Even then I liked some glitter in my black. Now, this polish glitter top coat is one of their new polishes for the season. Again the camera doesn't quite pick the color of the glitter up. It's a pink tone. Quite pretty in the bottle. But...I kinda wished I passed on the glitter this time. It's kind of rough and I like it when my nails feel "smooth." I know most glitters are rough but some are a bit smoother than this. I won't throw it out but I think I was just expecting more. I've had these polishes on for 3 days now and still no chipping. I am definitely happy about that. Especially for only one coating. 

What are some of your favorite polish combos?


  1. Never heard of this brand before actually, but since I love trying new things I'll see where I can get hold of it. For me it depends on the color and texture of the sparkles, but I quite like a nice pastel blue with silver sparkle :o)

    1. I got these at a local pharmacy and I know Penneys carries the brand so I'm assuming Primark may as well. The nail polishes and most lipsticks are quite nice (rarely settles into lines or dries your lips out). Pastel blue and silver, always a good combo :)

  2. I was thinking of getting myself these nail polishes myself but I keep putting it off till I get to actually finish up the ones I have... if that will ever happen ;)But you just reminded me to definitely get it ;)so I must ;) thanks for sharing. Gorgeous blog Ashley. have a great weekend! hugs and kisses


    1. You must do it! They're great. You just can't go wrong really. Thanks! xx Hope your weekend is good as well :)

  3. You always need more nail polishes, I must admit I am a nail polish addict :D I love glitter, all kind of glitter the more the best :D

    New follower via gfc and bloglovin, hope you will take a look at my blog and maybe follow back

  4. I love this nail polish!