Friday, 22 November 2013

I Have Finally Returned!

View from Window (San Lucas Cabo, Mexico)

I have been a terrible terrible blogger. I can't believe that it has been a few days shy of two months since my last blog post! Shocking to say the least. After the thesis, all my energy and focus was on figuring out what I was going to do with myself! Which I ended up leaving Dublin and moving back home to Texas. It was a difficult move and I'm still adjusting. To catch you up to speed for the last while I've been working for my dad at his auction house, which has been great. It's what I'll be doing until I further settle in, learn to drive (another shocker, I'm nearly 26 and still can't drive), and then find a job that'd I'd flourish in. In between all this madness as a welcome home/you're finally done with school present, my aunt and uncle took me on a 6 day trip to San Lucas Cabo! I figured sharing my experience there would be the perfect comeback post! Read on for more!

Cabo was truly beautiful and the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. We stayed at an uber-fancypants resort: The One&Only Palmilla, which at first was completely surreal. Our rooms had their own butler, room service, all that jazz. I did my best to avoid all persons because I seriously don't feel the need to be waited on. I was also introduced to a few spa treatments. I got my first mani-pedi in 7 years. I also had a facial, which was nice but uncomfortable for me because I don't like strangers touching me! I'm so ridiculous about these things. 

 Above are a few images of the view we had from the resort.

Complimentary Tequila, refilled daily. The tequila there folks, is pure evil! It'll knock you on your ass! I love tequila but never had any like that. It's great if you want an instant nap. 

 Wonderful patio area that overlooks the beach. Beware of the beach. Walking along the beach sounds nice and relaxing and fun. It's more like ow ow walking on sharp rocks and glass. Definitely wasn't expecting that. All the other beaches I've been to several beaches but the sand was always smooth.

 Not going to lie, the bathroom was the most amazing thing to me. I could live in that bathroom.

Every night you'd find one of these small token gifts on your bed. They were very generous with freebies. (But if you consider how much a room costs a night, you better be getting some perks!)

I got both of these items in San Jose. Had a good time wandering around there. The top item is a leather purse and the bottom a notebook/spiral case. It came with a small notebook, and it can be replaced. I'll probably use it always. Definitely one the items I take everywhere.

  This last item is a wrap you use after getting out of the bath or shower. It's light, very soft and much more convenient and reliable than a towel.

 I absolutely loved the mani-pedi I got. The woman was very sweet and chatted away about the different people that stay at the resort. The likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna. Pretty cool. Then she went on a rant about her shock of Miley Cyrus. It was fun. All the products used at the spa are ESPA, and the nail polishes etc...were Deborah Lippmann. The manicure lasted 7 days precisely and the pedicure is still goin' strong. Only the slightest chip...and it's been over 2 weeks.

 An example of breakfast.

This is exactly what I did at least 60% of the time. Chilled outside and it was the best... :)

Enough fun and games and back to reality. I've been working most of the time and then the rest is just me resting but I am now back in the blogging world for real this time and I have tons, literally tons of reviews lined up. Things I've been planning on for months and new products. I'm particularly excited to review my experience with Lush products. I'm absolutely in love. Stay tuned, many things will be coming your way! 


  1. "Sounds like time to get on with life. All the best to you."


  3. Wow this look amazing, you take some great photos

  4. That looks so amazing, look how blue the sea is x
    Beautyqueenuk xx