Monday, 26 August 2013

Etude House Dear My Color Pop (OR14) & Vivid Pop Stick (#7)

These two products were part of my most recent Korean beauty haul. I was pretty excited about receiving these, it took me ages to pick out which colors I wanted. But my dreams of successfully adding any POP to my look were thrown away, far away, a place I hope to never find or even more so I hope never finds me. Which of these products let me down? Read on to find out :)

Let's start with the no good, bad and ugly first:

Etude House Dear My Color Pop (OR14):

I so wanted this to work for me. I really have a thing for orange-coral and I thought this would be perfect. It'd be sweet yet vibrant. It's definitely vibrant and sweet in the way you go "aw" when kids are playing with chalk outside except the bad part is their canvas is your face and they're using this lipstick. The lipstick is very very matte and chalky! The formula feels very thick and not in a good way, not in a nourishing way. The only way to describe is chalky, and that's what ends up on your lips: day-glow chalk. I tried to make this work so many way. I exfoliated the hell outta my lips, put on lip liner, tried to only dab on the lipstick (which doesn't work because the formula is so chalky and thick). I tried putting it on and dabbing some off or mixing it with lip balm. No way in hell could I make that lipstick look remotely normal. I was so disappointed. This beautifully deceiving lipstick is now just sitting on the dressing table and will probably never be picked up again. I was going to do a lip swatch but it'd be so laughable. But I think it's only fair to include it, I'll make it part of a "lip swatch" post I'll be doing soon enough. Honestly, it's my own damn fault. I should've done what I always do and read plenty of reviews before purchasing. I just assumed it'd be great because other lip products I've bought by Etude House have been so far. Shame shame on me. 

Vivid Pop Stick (#7):

This product was also slightly disappointing but not nearly as much as the other. This is like most lip crayons but less moisturizing and highly pigmented. It's definitely vivid. It has a great color payoff. It has a slightly drying/chalky/thick consistency but nothing too terrible, easily fixed with lip balm. I like it but it's not a must have. I can live without it. I hope that I'll have better luck at picking out lip products on my next Korean beauty haul. I'll do a lip swatch of this as well. 

The lesson learned here is always always always have a decent idea of what you're getting yourself into when purchasing a new product, especially if you have no way of testing it yourself. Read reviews, many reviews to make an educated decision. 

Have any of you had negative experiences from Etude House lip products? ( I bet you were smarter than me and looked at reviews!)


  1. The shade looks so pretty - what a shame... Xx

  2. Its a gorgeous orange! too bad formulation ha?? :(

  3. We don't have that brand here in the states! :(((

    1. I know. It's a Korean brand. Most of the time this brand doesn't disappoint. There are several online shops you can purchase this brand as well as other well known Korean brands. The one I order from most is W2beauty. Has a wide range of products and good prices.

  4. So sorry you got disapointed! I was eyeing those crayon too, fortunately we do have Etude House showroom so I can test those out and it was too dry for me to handle! So if your interested in Korean lipstick that POP I recommended Clio Virgin Kiss Lipstick def more pricey but worth it! :)

  5. It's dissapointing that the product was very chalky on your lips!
    I really like orangey coral colours too and the colour of the lip sticks both have amazing colour pay offs
    if only the consistency was better :(
    Thanks for the review~