Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Few Items Listed on Ebay: Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Set & Face Palette, Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case

I have a serious problem y'all and that problem is too much stuff and too little space. Normally I would never dream of selling my stuff, especially really great items like these but I must get rid of them somehow so I thought I'd list them on eBay and then share the news with y'all. 

First item is a Laura Mercier Limited Edition Luxe Travel Brush Set. It's absolutely beautiful but I already have a brush set that I love and just don't need this. Despite its beauty I have to let it go. It's never been used and comes in the original box. The retail value of this item is $125. 

You can find it listed HERE: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Laura-Mercier-Limited-Edition-Luxe-Travel-Brush-Set-/181303301674?pt=US_Makeup_Brushes&hash=item2a3684d62a 

Next Up:

The companion to the Brush Set is the Limited Edition Luxe Face Palette. Beautiful neutrals and very compact. It has only been swatched once. I had anticipated keeping this but decided it was best to let it go.

Last but not least:

Gorgeous Urban Decay Face Case

Beautifully pigmented shadows…it kills me to give this up but I just have too much.

You can find everything on the link above or search for my user name: unicornmeatbblog

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