Friday, 20 December 2013

The Christmas TAG

I've seen several Christmas Tags floating around so I thought I'd take part in creating one. My intention was to do this weeks ago but…better late than never or rather Christmas hasn't passed me by yet so imma do what I want. Hope you enjoy!

Bucket List

1. Buy Presents
I decided to start buying presents back in late October-Early November thinking that I could easily get things outta the way early enough to avoid crazy people in shops and elsewhere. Well, I damn sure did get plenty of presents…giving yourself extra time to get presents can subsequently mean spending more than you intend and going "Oh shit…what did I do" as you realize you have a bazillion boxes at your feet and lots of wrapping to do. On the upside, you'll have many smiling faces surrounding you. 

2. Watch Christmas Movies
The goal here is to create a Christmas spirit and atmosphere by watching ELF over and over and over again. And it works like a charm. It's definitely my favorite Christmas movie and it never gets old. It's a movie I can bust out in the middle of July and get excited about Christmas all over again. And if you're around any humbugs….this movie is sure to bring some smiles and laughs even if only for a few minutes. 

3. Decorating and Spreading Christmas Cheer
If you live in a family full of Christmas hating humbugs this could prove a very difficult task. I live in a family full of humbugs. They very much so dislike Christmas. There is no putting up the tree every year. If I have the extra money and space I buy one on my own in a vain attempt to get people in the mood. But the cat instead tries to tangle herself in the tree and eat tinsel…so…I've given it up for now. I could always string some lights around some boxes and call it a day…One of these days Christmas spirit will be in full swing again. The ultimate goal! I guess our only decoration lately is Christmas candy spread across the coffee table…mostly wrappers at this point :)

4. Wrapping Presents
In the past I've failed at wrapping presents. Always crinkled or torn, or just thrown into a bag. This year has been by far my best year of wrapping yet everything looks relatively neat, but alas, I waste more paper than use it. My mother's wrapping skills are perfect. She never wastes paper and the presents always look immaculate. One of these days I'll get there…

Christmas Questions

1. Real or Artificial Tree?
I love the smell of real trees but hate the up keep. Cleaning up needles for a few weeks is not my idea of fun. So I'll say artificial and then have a Spruce scented Glade Candle burning 24/7. 

2. How do you decorate the tree: do you keep it all nice and straight-laced with single color lighting or go crazy with all kinds of colors and tacky decorations?
We have always had a tree on the more psychedelic side: bright lights of all colors and all the hand made ornaments from our school days. I love me some color. 

3. What do you eat on Christmas day?
For the last several years at our family gatherings we've had steak and other random fixin's. I think most people go for turkey and ham but hell…I had turkey a month ago for thanksgiving, I don't want that again. Gotta shake it up!

4. Favorite Christmas Song?
I'm generally not a Christmas music fan but I do like the song Carol of the Bells. I probably like it for the wrong reasons though, it has a really creepy vibe. For whatever reason I imagine a little kid running in the dark away from demons….don't ask me why for I do not know. And why that makes me like it…even more of a mystery and possibly a concern ha ha ha….

5. Ultimate Christmas Wish/Present?
Well, I don't need makeup, have tons of that and it's something I can buy at any time…and while I do wish for others to have a peaceful and happy Christmas what I'd really like, as selfish and gluttonous as it is…is to go to Russ and Daughters in New York City and eat to my heart's content all the smoked salmon, cream cheese, bagels and caviar I want. I saw it on Louis C.K. and have ever since desired a visit. 

Everyone is TAGGED in this so please feel free to participate! Or leave Comments and tell me your Christmas Bucket List or Christmas Traditions! :)

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  1. Well I dont celebrate Christmas but I like real trees. In fact I said I was going to buy a real tree the day after Christma,s when they go on sale. If you really want to eat at Russ and Daughters, they do deliver, because you technically cant eat at their little shop. But you know what? If you come here then we can go over to NYC and eat there together. Just a thought .....