Sunday, 8 December 2013

Flower Cosmetics Lip Service Lip Butter & Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets (by Drew Barrymore)

Petal to the Metal, Rose-y Future, Princess & the Peony, Haute Honeysuckle, Sheer Snapdragon, PF5-Warm, PF7 Neutral, and PF1Cool

I'm a self-confessed beauty junkie and one of the staple addictions is lip product. I love love love lip products! Lipsticks, balms, crayons, lacquers,  sheer, uber-pigmented, neon, neutral, look at me, don't look at me….everything under the sun, I'm just crazy about it! FLOWER is a beauty line by Drew Barrymore. I can't remember where I heard about this line….but when I first moved back home and made a trip to wal-mart I came across this brand and just went hmmm….to try or not to try? 

Where I live, no matter what store you go to the cosmetic areas are always tore the fuck up (excuse my language…but not really) and it just drives me crazy. There's hardly ever any testers put out because people steal them and then people just love to dive right in and open the products and often just destroy them. It can be infuriating. I always consider myself lucky when I can find a product that has not been tampered with. I will say most of the FLOWER products have pretty secured packaging although that doesn't stop everybody. Anyway, onto the products:

Lip Service Lip Butters
Petal to the Metal, Rose-y Future, Princess & the Peony, Haute Honeysuckle, Sheer Snapdragon, PF5-Warm, PF7 Neutral, and PF1Cool

I was extremely pleased with the texture and color pay off with the lip butters and even think they are better than the ever so popular Revlon lip butters. They glide on really smooth and it only takes one swipe to get a nice color payoff especially for a sheer product. They don't dry your lips out and last awhile. You'll have to reapply after eating though. No biggie. I was lucky to snag as many as I did that hadn't been tampered with. I'm still on the hunt for a few shades though. My favorites are Princess & the Peony and Sheer Snapdragon.

Here are the swatches:

They swatches look as if they have sparkle to them but it's just the shine of the balm. None of the first five swatches have any shimmer to them.

Onto the Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets:

The last three items in the pictures are the Pocket Triplets, which are adorable and remind me of those "push pencils"you'd have as a kid, possibly get them as party favors at a kid's birthday party etc…

The thought behind them is nice and they are "cute" but they aren't really practical. The packaging is slightly faulty in that some of the mini lipsticks fall out of the bottom, sometimes creating "art" at the bottom of your bag. All the colors are based on the lipsticks that are available. I can't knock these completely as the color pay offs are nice but…they do dry your lips out don't last too long. I probably wouldn't purchase these again. They also have a version of these but instead of lipstick it's for eye shadow. I've actually want to buy one of these just to test the quality of the eyeshadows but they are always sold out! Maybe it's just not meant to be.

Overall, I love love love the lip butters. Very easy causal thing to wear and carry around. The others, I'll pass on. The other thing that is unfortunate is the only place you can get the brand is at Wal-Mart. I think I will continue trying some of the other products here and there as time goes by and I'll report back.

Have any of you tried this brand? What do you think?

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