Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick (10 Rouge buzz) (05 Brun boheme)

I recently picked these up. I've just now started digging my paws into Bourjois Products. Unfortunately, my camera was having trouble picking up the true colors of these two. Rouge Buzz is a spicy red-orange color and Brun Boheme is a lovely nude brown-pink. Read on for more details :)

* Here's a swatch. I hope that gives a better idea of the colors.

I'll make this simple and break it down into a few categories:

Texture: Very creamy texture. First word that comes to mind is SOLID. Just seems like there's no funny games. The color you see is the color you get and nothing sheer about it.  Seems to be moisturizing but as with most lipsticks your lips kind of start drying out so it's very important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying for best results. No one likes colorful flakey lips. 

Color: As I kind of mentioned above, the color is definitely opaque. What you see is what you get. Often other lipsticks don't match what they show: either more sheer or slightly a different shade than anticipated. Highly pigmented. Beautiful colors. The Rouge Buzz is a perfect summer color. It'll give you a special POP. The other: Brun Boheme I feel is more for casual easy going wear. I wear it often. Very neutral and goes with most looks. 

Packaging: I absolutely love the packaging! It's so practical. It's sleek and yet the bottom of the tube shows what lipstick it is. Too often I have to rummage through several lipsticks of other brands look at the bottom of tubes or opening caps to find out what color they are. These make it so simple and life easier!

Overall, a great product with wonderful colors that are "what ya see is what ya get." Ultra pigmented. And they also last awhile. So reapplying isn't so much of a hassle. Just remember to exfoliate before use and moisturize!


  1. I really like the look of Rouge Buzz, great for autumn. Xx

    1. I like most of what Bourjois has to offer as far as lipstick goes. I just wish I could find colors that were bold and suited my lips.

  2. Rouge Buzz is gorgeous Ash..Lip swatches please..

  3. I love this range and Rouge Buzz is exactly my type of colour!

  4. Love the swatches and review!
    I'm your new follower, follow back please? :)