Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rimmel SalonPro and essence Anti-Split Review

Rimmel Salon Pro

I recently purchased Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in Disco Fever and Rock 'n' Roll. Disco Fever is a purple almost on the verge of magenta purple with a very slight shimmer. And Rock 'n' Roll is a very nice classic red. It's not too orange or too dark. Rimmel promises that your nails will be chip resistant for up to 10 days and it has a gel like finish. I usually have a hard time believing such promises. But so far, 3 days into the polish, I am chip free. I know that may not be a miracle for some but for me...I usually get a chip or too the next day even after making sure my nails are "polish" ready. Maybe I'm just really rough with my hands? Anyway, so far I am really impressed. The polish glides on smoothly and is quite opaque. You can definitely get away with only using one coat.

Overall, I would purchase again and definitely recommend it to those interested. 

Essence anti-split nail sealer

Essence is a brand that I have only encountered while living in Ireland. I don't think I have ever seen it in the States. Needless to say, I have only recently began purchasing essence products. The brand is definitely aimed at a younger market, say those in their early teens, and because of that I avoided the brand as I instinctively associate that sort of branding with poor quality. Honestly I couldn't have been further from the truth. Essence products are very affordable and the quality is quite good. I've picked up a few polishes here and there but mainly bought a load of nail "enhancers" (at least that's what I'd call them). I particularly find the anti-split nail sealer to be a great product. Over the last year or so my nails have become weaker and they split and break off like crazy if I'm not diligent. I picked the product up on a whim not expecting much. But truth is when I wear this either as a base coat or on its own my nails don't split like they normally would and it seems to have lasting power. So if you're having problems with weak or brittle nails I recommend you pick this little gem up. It'll cost you very little: somewhere around 3 or 4 euro. 

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