Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Advertisements on the Blog: W2Beauty and Firmoo

Hola to everyone!

I just wanted to point out that I have added two advertisements to the blog that can be found at the bottom left of the blog. They look like this:

The first is for W2Beauty, an online Korean Beauty/Cosmetics store. I've bought a few items from this shop and the customer service is great, they have the most brands available compared to other Korean Cosmetic online shops, and the shipping costs are solid. You'll most likely have to pay between 2 and 3 dollars/euro. You can find my review of products from this shop here.

The second ad is for an online glasses shop, Firmoo, I recently purchased some glasses from here. The best thing is if you are purchasing for the first time you can choose from a decent selection of glasses and get them for free. All you pay for is shipping. And by glasses I mean, you can get single lens prescription glasses as well. I haven't received the glasses yet but should within a couple of days. I originally heard about Firmoo from a fellow blogger's post which you can find here. Betzy has a really great blog so I recommend you check it out. On a side-note, I have purchased from online glasses shops before, Zenni Optical and Zenni has very very cheap glasses and is also very hit and miss, definitely a case of you get what you pay for. Coastal, I've bought one pair and they were great. Now we'll see how Firmoo goes. I'll post about them when I get them!

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