Friday, 19 July 2013

We Can't Stop

My Conflicted Relationship with Miley Cyrus and her New Hit

I generally don't go out of my way to concern myself with Miley Cyrus anything. She just isn't usually on my radar. But I kept getting accosted by other blogs and websites about this particular song/video. Apparently it all boils down to race and cultural/racial appropriation. Statements like, "I want something that sounds black," does not help Miley's case. But then again I don't think she's going out of her way to offend, and she just wants to have fun and pull off an image she deems edgy and cool. In this world I never know what's crossing the line and what's just daring and amazing and it seems most people don't know and don't know where to toss Miley. Aside from "cultural appropriation" (and yeah I think she does only use the black women in her video as props) I'm conflicted by her oozing of sex and general lackadaisical attitude. Just seems to provide more fuel to the "rape culture" we seem to support more and more day by day. 

All criticism aside though, the song is catchy and although I feel like I want to take a hot shower after seeing her video, I can't get the damn song outta my head. Do I like Miley Cyrus, not particularly, but I also think she's just doing her thing and whenever anybody just does their "thing" they get shit for it. Doesn't seem to phase her. So I'll roll with this one. 

What do you think?


  1. Can someone say sex crazed? That was a boring song and a terrible video. It looks like she is trying to hard to fit in.

    1. Definitely sex crazed. Makes me feel dirty every time I watch it hence the need for a hot shower. I keep watching it because I'm simply dumbfounded by it. I don't understand why shaking your ass and posturing it up in the air is sexy?