Thursday, 4 July 2013

Korean Products from W2Beauty

Some Wonderful Products Purchased From W2Beauty

I recently purchased a primer (goodbye Pore Ever) and toner (Wonder Pore) by Etude House and a "gloss bar" (tinted lip balm) by Tony Moly. Read on to see my review! 
I can't quite remember what got me interested in Korean beauty products. I do know that reading The Wanderlust Project encouraged me to purchase a few items. And I highly encourage you to check The Wanderlust Project out if you have an interest in travel, beauty, and reading about people's lives in general. It's a very honest and funny blog maintained by Sheryll, who currently lives in South Korea. Anyway, on to the products...

Etude House Wonder Pore

Wonder Pore is a toner, you apply it with a cotton swab after you've washed your face. Its main focus is to minimize your pores. Personally, I have shitty skin. My skin went downhill around 10 years old and then went out of control around 12/13 and I've been trying to keep it under control ever since (I'm 25 now). I've never understood the purpose of a toner before. I mean, I've already washed my face, it should be clean right? Well, possibly not, toner generally removes any remaining dirt or product on your face. It should be noted that Koreans are hardcore about their skincare, the average woman can use up to 18 products every morning. You can read more about this in Sheryll's blog. I don't even know how to scratch the surface of that. It's mind-blowing.

Wonder Pore claims to do 7 things:

  • Deep cleanses pores
  • Maintain ph 4.5 ± 1
  • Controls a large amount of the sebum
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Refines skin tones
  • Keeps the elasticity of pores
  • Moisturizes the inside and outside of pores
Now I don't know if it really does all of that, but I will say it's really refreshing to use, doesn't dry my skin out or cause breakouts. It does help control oil production for sure, which is great for me. Does it minimize the appearance of pores? I don't know. Maybe my pores are beyond help. I do know that I like the product, and I will continue to use it as the oil control benefit is reason enough to keep it on board. 

goodbye Pore Ever Primer

I've only started using primers within the last year or so. I've tried out Rimmel's Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer (which is really affordable and does the job) and I've also tried a Nivea brand Express Hydration Primer which was alright but I probably wouldn't purchase again. Anyway on to Etude House Pore Ever...

As you can see in the picture above, it comes in a small tube but a little goes a long way. It's biggest claim is to minimize the appearance of pores. And it totally WINS at doing that! I absolutely love this product. 

  • It absolutely minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Doesn't have a strong scent (slightly sweet)
  • Creamy texture that moisturizes
  • Controls oil (I sometimes only wear the primer and my face stays matte)
  • Makeup stays on
  • Doesn't feel weird on the skin. Some primers make you feel like you have a rubber mask on your face, very unnatural. Pore Ever makes your skin soft.
  • Doesn't flake. I've had weird experiences where some primers will flake
Overall this product is a winner! 

Tony Moly Gloss Bar

I bought this fun product on a whim. Sometimes adding color and cute to your life is just a necessity. I don't condone purchasing things for purchasing's sake but if ya got the extra cash, there's no harm. Aside from the cute packaging, the gloss bar (mine is a typical pinkish-red color) goes on sheer, smells good, and moisturizes. Doesn't dry out your lips and is just something small and fun to have around. I use it when I want some color on my lips but don't want to deal with the high maintenance that lipstick can carry with it. 

All the products here were purchased from w2beauty, an online Korean beauty shop that has the widest range of products for fairly affordable prices. Definitely worth having a look! Oh, and very very affordable shipping no matter how much you buy!

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