Saturday, 27 July 2013

Firmoo Glasses

Great Quality Eyewear :)

I finally got my glasses from Firmoo. The fedex man beat down my door making me drag myself outta bed in an oversized Nirvana shirt, disheveled hair, and probably a bit cross eyed because I wasn't wearing those things that make me see. As I scribbled my barely legible signature on his electronic pad, he handed me the package and I swear I heard him snicker as he walked away (but surely he's seen worse??) I didn't care because I was about to see what these Firmoo glasses were all about. I sat down and it took me about 15 minutes to open the package in my zombie-like state. I took the scissors and made a beautiful mess. Anyway...the glasses...

The glasses came in a quality hard case and were accompanied by a cleansing cloth and a small repair kit. In the past I've had glasses that I've ordered online to feel very stiff and awkward. It was as if the slightest movement provoked the possibility of them snapping. I've also had problems with glasses simply not fitting on my face, usually too big although I did everything necessary to make sure I put down the right measurements on the order form. These are the first pair of glasses I've ordered online that I honestly have no complaints about. They fit very well on my face, don't slide off or anything, and they just feel as if they were well made in generally. I'm not afraid they're going to break with the smallest movement. The retail value of this pair is $39 but since I was a first time customer they were free and all I had to pay was the shipping which was very reasonable since they were shipped from China and made it here within a week of ordering. I'm very pleased and I encourage anyone willing to buy glasses online to give Firmoo (link) a shot!

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