Saturday, 27 July 2013

Stationery Haul Pt. 2

I went insane, yet again...

I bought more stationery although I have more than enough. I like to pretend I have a purpose/use for each and everything I buy and eventually I do...but let's get real. I still have notebooks, journals, spirals, fancy random stationery from 10 years ago. Vain hopes...vain hopes... maybe I'll handwrite a novel, a book of poems, a screenplay, sketch things....or when the world ends I guess I could carry them around and use them when toilet paper runs out. But then again some things are just too pretty to be tarnished. I really need to just let go...But until I'm ready here are my latest purchases which were all on sale :)

Caroline Gardner  Hearts Casebound Desk Book

Wild & Wolf Happy Jackson Great Ideas A5 Notebook

G. Lalo Stationery

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