Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Items I picked up in Belfast

I picked up a few frivolous items when I was in Belfast nearly a month ago. I suppose the most silly was the strawberry scented Denman hairbrush. But I couldn't help myself and it's a damn fine brush. I love brushing my hair with this brush. I can't smell anything when I brush my hair :( but it's sturdy and the teeth in it feel good against my scalp. It's a shame to think that I have to go hide away in a dark corner sniffing a brush. The brush is kind of pointless but fun. Here are the other items:

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

I've tried several Soap & Glory products and I'm very rarely dissatisfied. I LOVE THIS BODY WASH! It has a light fresh and sweet fragrance and it foams up nicely. It also doesn't dry out your skin.  I'm rationing its use because I can't find it at any of the Boots near me. It's definitely a nice summery fragrance. Makes me wish I could drink margaritas in the shower. 

beauticology cupcake giftset

This was definitely one of those impulse buys that I probably should have passed on. It was cheap and I think at the time I was thinking more about the cosmetic bag I'd get with it. Firstly, the scents are super super sweet, not in a good way, when you sniff in the bottle. Naturally you think well, maybe it won't be that bad in the shower that possibly it'd be toned down a bit. Yeah well...sure it gets toned down...like all the way down. No matter how much product I use in the shower there is no scent, not even the smallest hint of a scent and I have the nose of damn blood hound. I feel like I can smell things miles away...and nothing with any of these. I guess the lotion is the only redeeming part of the set and it's only average at best. If I ever came across any beauticology products again, giftset or not, I'd definitely look the other way. 

Simple eye-makeup Remover

I like most simple products. I've used several of their face washes and a few other skincare products and overall have been pleased. I ran out of my other makeup remover ages ago and decided I might as well pick up something new. This is natural and free of harsh chemicals etc...does it work? Kinda. It works for taking of basic eye makeup like eyeshadow, liner, and basic mascara. But...if you want to use it on waterproof mascara look elsewhere. It says it can handle waterproof mascara but no matter how hard I rubbed and wiped and how many cotton swabs I used I just ended up looking like a raccoon. Maybe the mascara I was using was some weird "scrape off your eye-lid to remove" mascara. All I know is, I had to stop trying and just go to bed, and even trying again in the morning I couldn't remove all of the mascara. Insanity. I won't knock it completely but I will either look elsewhere to remove waterproof mascara or not use waterproof at all. 

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