Tuesday, 9 July 2013

L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish

From Left to Right:( Banana Pop, Wasabi Hint, Flashing Lilac, and Acid Watermelon) These are part of the NEON POP! Collection although I wouldn't call them neon just summery 

I should seriously be banned from buying nail polish. I've been living in Ireland for 2 years and I would not be surprised if I have over 100 different nail polishes. And often I find myself sifting through 10 reds, 6 purples, several blue-green shades and so on. Why the hell do I have so many reds and pinks? I tell myself that there is always a slight difference in color of each red, it's not just red it's fire truck red, or boudoir red, or I say I'm red but I'm really orange. There is a difference and some are better in summer and others in winter or at least these are the things I tell myself to justify my addiction. Nevermind my addiction onto the review of L'Oreal's Color Riche Nail Polish

Now ideally I'd have pictures of me wearing these which I did at some point but just as I have an addiction to buying nail polish I also love changing up the color every couple of days. But here is the run down:

Texture: They almost have a creamy texture, kind of thick but not in a bad way it I'm guessing enhances the color and staying power. It goes on smooth.

Staying Power: You can get about 3-4 days of chip free nails. And even on the 5th day it's only minor wear, like a slight chip on the tip of the nail, only noticeable to those with a magnifying glass. And if anyone is that concerned or that close to your nails, they need to get a life.

Color: The color is very opaque. You can definitely get away with applying only one coat if you were in a hurry. The color is also very true to the color you see in the bottle. It doesn't go weird neon or anything. I guess the only possible negative comment I have is that the purple dries on kind of matte while the other's have a shine to them. Kind of bugged me but I still love the color so I will gloss it up with a top coat.

I should note that I bought all of these on sale because otherwise those four polishes would be a small fortune running at nearly 8 euro a bottle. Overall, L'Oreal's Color Riche Nail Polish collection is quite nice. It's one of my favorite polishes, I just wish they weren't so dear!

* It should also be noted that I generally buff my nails every time I change the polish and I use essence anti-split (I have previously reviewed it) as a base coat, which I think helps with chipping.


  1. great colours! the green one is my fav!

  2. They are brilliant! The green is one of my favs as well. :)

  3. i love these polishes too, great quality... I need flashing lilac soooo bad! :) x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

  4. I love this combination of colours! Perfect for summer :) x