Monday, 19 August 2013

Bobbi Brown Bellini Lip & Eye Palette

I got this gorgeous palette for Christmas (my aunt sure knows what I like and what I can't afford). I remember being over the moon when I got this. You would've thought I won a million bucks with all the excitement. I remember I had been looking at this online thinking to myself "Boy, what a brilliant product." And then BAM it's mine. It's like my aunt read my mind. It's very well used. And will be used up til it hits pan. Read on for a closer look :)

* Sorry for such a messy pic. But hey, it's well loved and well used!

As you can see this is a gorgeous palette that caters to mostly really great nude looks. But you can also glam it up too! It contains both matte and metallic/shimmery shades. Also, note, that this does come with a lip brush and eyeshadow brush. 

Here are the eyeshadow names from left to right:

Navajo (matte), Candlelight Gold (Metallic), Petal (Shimmer), Cement (matte), Prosecco (Metallic)

Truffle (matte), Bellini (Shimmer), Bronze Stone (Shimmer), Brown Sugar (Metallic), Caviar (matte)


Bubble Bath (gloss), Chrome Pink (Shimmer gloss), Bellini (Glitter gloss), Bare (Glitter gloss)

This is a great palette for on the go travel. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition and I think you can only find it now on Ebay and Amazon. But it's a beautiful palette. I officially love Bobbi Brown. And definitely want to try out more products!

Do you have a favorite palette?


  1. Now I want to try BB too:) Good post!

  2. what a gorgeous palette! I love Bobbi Brown browns... hehe. love the packaging too. :)

  3. Love this palette!! Very jealous!