Saturday, 17 August 2013

Funky Earrings from Galway

It always decides to rain when I visit Galway...But I always pick up Interesting Things...

There was a deal to go to any of the major cities for a fiver, and my boyfriend and I decided to go to Galway to visit his mother because it just seemed like a deal we couldn't pass up. The bus rides were torture, pure torture. The traveling completely wiped us out and on top of that it was raining all day. This was my second trip to Galway and so far...rain the first trip and rain the second. I'm pretty sure if I went a third time it'd be rain again. But despite the long travel, crazy passengers, and rain I had a good time and along the way I picked up some neat earrings at a small "hippie" type shop called Kembali. They also had lots of clothes and bags. If I had more time and didn't have a huge backpack on my back I'd have stayed a little longer. 

All the earrings are handmade and I think they're just a funky bunch. Nice for festival outfits or if hippie/funky things are your style then they are great for everyday wear. Causal and fun. The smaller ones are a bit harder to put on, but once on they're deadly. 

Nothing major, just wanted to share my fun purchase in Galway. What do you think?

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