Sunday, 11 August 2013

Olay Glow Perfectors BB Cream

I have a bone to pick with this product...

There was a sale on at Boots maybe a month ago on Olay products, I believe this was half off at the time. And dang it I wish I never threw out the packaging. I meant to save the packaging it came it and take pictures of it. As you can see this tube says Olay Essentials BB Cream Complete Care, the package it came in said Olay Essentials Glow Perfectors BB Cream: do ya see where I'm going with this? It gets more ridiculous...Read on. 

As I said, the product I thought I was buying was Olay Essentials Glow Perfectors BB Cream, as that is what I wanted and what it said on the original packaging. When I got home with the product I noticed the box kind of looked funny. Like there was another box glued inside the outer box. I figured it was nothing until I opened the package and the tube's product name didn't reflect what I had bought or thought I bought. It read instead: Olay Essentials BB Cream Complete Care. I was kind of confused. Then I took a closer look at the box it came in and started to slowly pull apart what looked like a second box glued to the inside. Now when I was doing this I honestly didn't expect to find anything damning. But to my dismay I found the evidence, there staring back up at me was the Olay Essentials BB Cream Complete Care packaging. The Glow Perfectors packaging was merely glued over it. I couldn't believe. Had I seriously been duped again? Twice in one month? (for the other dupe read here). I thought about taking it back but I had destroyed the packaging. Are companies really allowed to do this. I just feel deceived. Either they sold me the wrong product or were merely too lazy to change the packaging on a product they were turning into something "new" (if ya get me). I'm assuming they were re-selling, their BB Cream Complete Care as Glow Perfectors instead. Maybe I'm just crazy. All I know is it put a bitter taste in my mouth and has just put me off Olay products for awhile. To add insult to injury the product was just not for me. 

The smell put me off, and it made my skin itch badly. It was a waste for me. Perhaps I'm the only one who has experienced this. If anyone has had a similar experience please share. Maybe I'm just being silly entirely. 


  1. Hey Ashley, no wonder you're disappointed I would have been too. If I were you I would take it back and explain why. Who knows if they're in a good mood - they might give you money back. Nothing to lose right?! Good luck with it! X

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  3. Hey Ashley,

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  4. Do you think its the companies doing that or the people in store? I am thinking it could be the people in the store, possibly someone who works there. They could have taken the glow product and wanted to conceal the evidence! But either way, I would have taken back the destroyed product or called their customer service line and demanded a refund.

  5. OMG! i would still take it back and get a full refund..that is so awful.