Thursday, 1 August 2013

Good Things Products

Good Things often come my way... :)

If you have read my Beauty Concerns page you will throughly understand my frustration with my skin. A decade plus fighting acne has left me battle-scarred and always on the look out for something that could be the Holy Grail of products for acne. I tried all the scary prescription creams and antibiotics and in the end they made my skin more intolerant when I stopped using them and the antibiotics I feel did more harm than good to my body. And for whatever reason I thought that moisturizing my skin would simple make it worse. Oil on oil? I think this is a myth many young people believe so they purchase anything that merely dries there skin out and unfortunately causes more oil build up. For whatever reason, I decided last December that I'd no longer use the prescription topical treatment Benzaclin and to just go the natural route. And that's when I came across the Good Things range :) Read on if you want the scoop.

Good Things

To get a full understanding of the range and company in general here is the website: Good Things

In short it's a skincare product range that utilizes natural ingredients aka Superfruits. All the products are affordable and are often on offer at Boots.

The Products

Blemish Control Gel Mask
Highlight ingredients: mango and lychee

The mask is a clear gel that you thinly spread over your face and wait for it to dry and then wash off with warm water. It smells good. (all of the products smell good) and I believe it is effective. I've used it  3 times so far. The first time was a fluke, by that I mean I put it on and experienced some uncomfortable burning and immediately rinsed it off. I was so disappointed but then I realized I had used a potent scrub a few minutes before and it was possible that the ingredients from that were reacting with the mask. I didn't try the mask again for a few weeks. But when I tried it again, I had no reaction, same with the 3rd time, no uncomfortable reaction. So I'm pretty sure it was the combo of the scrub and mask reacting. face felt really refreshed after using the mask and the next day I noticed some of the spots that were developing had already started to fade. The best part of this product is that it doesn't make your face dry out (well it didn't make mine dry out, and I have fairly sensitive skin). I was impressed with the product and will purchase again. I've also used it a spot mask. Meaning, just putting it on the spots and leaving it on overnight. It works well.

Face the Day Moisturizer
Highlight ingredients: goji berry and papaya

This was the first moisturizer I used when "discovering" and "utilizing" moisturizers. It smells great. It isn't greasy. Absorbs well and has SPF 15. The SPF is actually my only complaint as I think any moisturizer that has SPF in should be 30 or higher.

Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator
Highlight ingredients:papaya and licorice

This is a very fine scrub. I use the word "fine" in both senses. It's great and the actual scrub is fine, not abrasive at all. It doesn't hurt or irritate. And works like a charm. Makes your skin very soft and improves the appearance of your pores over time. I generally alternate between this product and the creamy cleanser, use one every other day.

Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser
Highlight ingredients:grape and pomegranate

This is a very moisturizing cleanser. It's great for removing makeup and it's very gentle to the skin. You can rub it over your eyes and remove heavy mascara and eyeliner without it burning or stinging. A quality about it I really like.

Deep Pore Anti-Blemish Lotion
Highlight ingredients: fig and wild strawberry

Now...I was even more unsure about toner products than moisturizers when growing up. But I've found that they are quite beneficial if they aren't like those harsh astringents (aka Seabreeze which destroyed my skin). This is suppose to remove impurities further while moisturizing and keeping the skin blemish free. It smells great and feels good on the skin. My skin always feels refreshed after applying.

Stop that Spot Clearing Gel
Highlight Ingredients: papaya and acai

This is a spot treatment and it works wonders! I love this so much. Unfortunately, it's one of the more pricey products of the line and you get diddly-squat. I run out of this all the time and that's why I started using the Blemish Mask as a spot treatment instead. I wish the company would make a larger option for this product because it's really good. Doesn't irritate the skin and you notice blemishes fading quickly.

Bright Eyes Eye Cream
Highlight ingredients: raspberry and lychee

I've read and heard that it is essential to use an eye cream as the area around the eye is very delicate and easy enough to damage over time. I like this eye cream, it goes on well, not heavy, and lasts a long time. A little goes a long way. It claims to brighten but I can't notice a difference but then again I'm a night owl and don't sleep very well most I'm sure having a better sleep schedule would be even more beneficial.

Overall, the range is very affordable, natural, and varied. Only a few niggling problems. The range is great though and I highly recommend the products. I'll continue to buy them again and again.

Have you used any of their other products? If so, do tell... :)


  1. I agree that SPF should be 30+ in moisturizers. I really wont buy a product if it is that low because I feel like I would just need to put some sunscreen under the moisturizer. But maybe thats why they keep it low at 15 because it makes the moisturizer feeling light?

    1. Seems like the Korean market knows that. I don't think I've seen a Korean skincare product that has anything less than 30. They really are badass in my opinion.