Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor(s)

I felt like a dope...

As you can see I have what looks to be two of the same product. Why you ask? Because I didn't think before I purchasing. I was quite aggravated to see that I was merely duped by new packaging. The biggest thing that got me was the fact the product on the left has "translucent bb cream" slapped on it. I know it's my fault for buying the same product but it kind of hurt my feelings a tad to feel a bit tricked by Soap & Glory. Meh...still great products. Read on to see what I think. :)

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF 25 (one claims BB Cream and the other claims Facial Moisture Lotion):

First off, these two products are exactly the same. One just has the phrase "translucent BB Cream" slapped on it. And let me point out that it is not a BB cream in any shape or form. It's simply a glorified moisturizer with a decent amount of SPF. I looked on both packages to see if there were any true difference and nope there wasn't. Exact same product. 

Although it's kind of obvious I'm a tad bitter here, I will say the moisturizer is nice. It smells good, absorbs well, and has a high SPF. 

Have you ever been duped by the re-packaging of products? If so, please console me ;)

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