Monday, 12 August 2013

10 Style Icons: Interesting & Inspirational

I thought I'd post something different from my usual product reviews. I sat and thought about some style icons, whether actresses, models, designers, or cult figures, inspired/intrigued me. Above you see the fascinating and elusive Karl Lagerfeld. He's the head designer and creative director for one of the most classic fashion houses: Chanel (as well as Fendi). While that on its own is noteworthy, in general I find him intriguing. He's a mystery in that Andy Warhol-ish sort of way in a more put together kind of way. To find out who else inspires/intrigues me read on :)

Dakota & Elle Fanning:

This duo's style is just flawless in my opinion. Dakota seems to have more of a classic style, clean lines, and soft colors, while Elle has a more funky/daring/whimsical style but can pull off the classic style as well. They're so young yet seem so mature. I honestly can't wait to see what they do in the future. 

Bettie Page:

I was obsessed with Bettie Page as a young teenager. I thought she was so sexy and I wanted to look just like her. I attempted minus the nudity and the bangs (I had bangs from the age of 3-12 and it was pure hell, so I avoid bangs at all costs). She oozes confidence, I think that's what is most appealing and sexy about her. 


I figured I should throw in some kook & kitsch. Divine was often in John Waters' cult classic films. I'm not saying I aim to look like Divine by any means but find Divine influential and interesting. If you dare to watch any of John Water's films, beware there is some "gross" stuff there but the shit is funny and if you like to analyze films I'm sure you could have a field day. 

Diana Vreeland:

The woman was a firecracker. Just reading about her makes my heart race. I feel like she was the type to be all over the place and made it work. An innovator and inspiration. I'll be doing a review on the biography that was recently published on her. 

Georgia May Jagger:

Boy didn't she get lucky? Supermodel mother and rockstar father. Daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Georgia May definitely got the goods of this gene pool. Also, she seems to be one of fashion's IT girls at the moment. I can't open a fashion magazine without seeing her face everywhere. Fair enough. I love her pictures. She's got amazing bone structure, lovely lips, and is pulling off that Laura Hutton style gap between her teeth. And she does it effortlessly so. 

Debbie Harry:

Front woman of Blondie, she's always been a style icon, from her early days rocking on the punk scene. Edgy & Timeless. And hell, years later she still looks pretty amazing. Gotta give it to her. 

Jerry Hall:

Now how could I mention Georgia May without mentioning her mother: Jerry Hall. She's from near my hometown: Mesquite, Texas (I'm from Dallas). And hell, don't us Southern girls have all the charm?  I wish I possessed a fraction of the charm and sexiness of Jerry Hall. Her highlight decade: The 70s. Just think of the glamour, celebrities, and white lines. 

Vivienne Westwood:

Fashion designer with a quirky personality and style. Bringing punk to the forefront of chic. Her advertisements in the magazines always floor me. They're just brilliant. If ever I have the opportunity and funds I'd love to purchase some her beauties. 

And lastly...

David Bowie:

I'll never forget the first time I heard David Bowie's "Space Oddity". I was taken to another dimension and didn't want to leave. I think many can agree that Bowie is one that has been constantly evolving and has inspired fashions and other celebrities/musicians over the years.

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