Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

I recently bought this to replace my Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation. I wanted to try something new and I read a few good reviews of this foundation. Rimmel often surprises me. I think back home in the States we get the "less" exciting products. But I gave Rimmel another shot once I moved to Ireland (I didn't have much of a choice) and I'm glad I did. They have a wonderful range of products and consistently coming out with new products. Most of great quality. Read on for more on this foundation :)

I have troublesome skin. I either have acne or scars from acne always present on my face so I require a foundation with good coverage that isn't going to make my pores look bigger than they are and not break me out. I also like to have foundation with some SPF, this has SPF 15 which is kind of a downer because I feel if foundation is going to have SPF it should at least be 30. But I think that is the only downside so far with this foundation. 

The purpose of this foundation is to give you an energized "radiant" "glowing" look. Terms like "glowing" and "radiant" for me are generally words of caution because they usually equal shimmer. There are some light reflecting particles that are there to help you have a fresh glowy healthy look. At first I thought this product would be too good to be true but then I tried it. The coverage is great for me, and it's definitely buildable. You don't come out looking like some shiny sparkly monster. You come out looking fucking fantastic. Glowy and Healthy are the keywords here. This went on smoothly, and I felt like I didn't even need a finishing powder or anything. It looked great on alone. I'm really glad I picked this up. It's my new fav. Like I said before, it's only fault is the lack of a high enough SPF. 

Have you tried this or any other Rimmel Foundations?


  1. A higher Spf would have been better, you're right. Nice post Ashley!

    1. Thanks! xx Ya know, I've never understood why some foundations have only a tiny bit of SPF. I figure they should either go big or go home. All or nothing.