Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pretty Hands

Hands Ever Feeling A little Rough? Try this out...

My hands are constantly getting the proverbial shit kicked outta them. All the cooking and cleaning I do, means I'm constantly washing my hands and they end up dry and the cuticles are rough and just raggedy. I remember a time when I had the hands as soft and perfect as a baby but now I have to work hard to keep them looking up to par. Pretty Hands helps me do this! Read on!

I use this maybe once a week to give my hands an extra boost. I make sure my hands are clean, use the exfoliator and then moisturize. What's lovely is this is fragrance free, which I actually like. It's very rare that I want something fragranced on my hands. 


This may seem like a lame product at first because if you squeeze it out without shaking it up a bit you'll just get a watery mess. But once you shake it up you get what looks more like a normal exfoliator. Rub it in and wash off. Hands are immediately smoother. 

Dry off and move on...


This is a simple product. White, fragrance free, not too spectacular. But it does the job. My hands feel the softest when I use this! It's absolutely fabulous! Softens my cuticles and it just gives an overall healthier look to my hands, almost immediately. 

If ya have jacked up hands, I highly recommend this duo!

Do you have a favorite hand moisturizer? 


  1. I've actually never used an exfoliator specially for hands, I tend to just take whatever I've got and often it's foot care products, but I might try this one - do you know how much they are?


    1. I got these at Boots awhile ago, they aren't always there at the one I go to, but I believe they are around the 5 euro mark. Well, just looked at the Boots site now and the moisturizer is around 5 and the exfoliant is around 8 euro. Hope that helps :)