Sunday, 4 August 2013

Treacle Moon Products

Wonderful scents to uplift the spirit...even if only for a few minutes 

Ridiculous isn't it? Do I really need 3 different body washes? NO! I need MORE!!! I've been eyeing the treaclemoon products for awhile but never bought anything because I told myself that I had plenty of bath/skincare products and need to finish those up before I buy anymore. Yeah...well...who said we always have to be reasonable? My mom...but we'll ignore that fact at the moment. Because it's time to get my bath on. Read more to get the scoop...

First we have the Bath and Shower Gels:

her lavender story:

I'm not usually drawn to lavender scented products as I find they can be very hit and miss (leaning more on the miss side of things). Usually I find them to be very heavy and overwhelming and just in general unpleasant. But this bath and show gel from treaclemoon is delightful. It definitely smells like what I imagine (and know) real lavender to smell like: sweet, fragrant, and delicate. You can get hints of vanilla and possibly mint mixed it. It's a great bath gel to use at night before bed as it really does have a calming effect.

warm cinnamon nights:

I love things that smell like cinnamon. They always have the instant Christmas effect. I'm kinda a coin tosser when it comes to Christmas and whether or not I'll feel humbug-ish but cinnamon scented candles and food always bring me around. This bath gel is no different. If I need a lift I use this in the shower. It's odd because when you smell it directly from the bottle you almost get a "fruity" smell but on the skin it comes off as a true cinnamon and I love it. 

iced strawberry dream:

Lastly, there is this strawberry scented bath gel which I like but don't love. It kind of reminds me of a Kipling treat, maybe like a french fancy (I swear all I think about is food: particularly cake). But it also kind of comes off with a "chemical" smell a scent that I just can identify as fruit or flower or anything else. So it kind of puts me off and it is a bit overwhelming for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad just not my favorite either. 

*All of the bath and shower gels lather very well and do not dry out the skin (or at least they didn't dry out my skin). The scent doesn't really linger after the shower though, which is either a plus or minus depending on what you prefer. I'm quite happy dwelling in the fragrance just during the shower and leaving it there. Anyway, all the treaclemoon products I've tried are great for how affordable they are. Only about 3-4 euro. 

The Scrub and Body Butter

the raspberry kiss

I've used the scrub a few times and again for the price it's a great deal. Not too gritty or rough and it smells pretty good and that's coming from someone who isn't particularly a fan of "fruity" scents. I've definitely used better scrubs, this wouldn't be my go to if I really had a dry skin problem but I wouldn't definitely use it in between the more effective treatments, if ya get me. 

The lotion smells pretty much the same, not too overwhelming but still strong. It has a slightly "wet" texture to it despite the fact it's a body butter. I've used very thick body butters in the past. But it is absolutely effective. It absorbs well and the scent doesn't overpower you as it fades throughout the day quite quickly. (That could be a bad thing for those who are looking for a long lasting power). 

Personally, I'd probably buy other versions of the scrub but leave the body butter behind. 


  1. Cinnamon - my lovely aroma :)

  2. I love cinnamon as well :) I would never have tried the strawberry dream because I feel like I would smell like cake icing. I generally dont like to smell like foods, I prefer flowery smells.