Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Crazy Sticks: Blue, Green, Yellow

Packaging always gets me...

I'd been eyeing these funky little liptint sticks for awhile. The packaging is what initially attracted me and then I read a few reviews that were more or less favorable. I finally decided "what the hell, imma do it." I got these as well as a few other products (you can view HERE) that I'll review later on from W2Beauty, a Korean Cosmetic online shop that has great prices, deals, and selection. Read on for more pictures and swatches :)

Let's just get the packaging out of the way: It's so DARN cute!!! I like cats and these are some sexy, slinky, cheeky looking tubes. It feels weird attributing the characteristic sexy to an inanimate object...but what the hell. They come in a plastic case with cat ears, eyes, and a set of whiskers. Now, I'm sure some of you are familiar with the whole crazy lip tint thing. These look bizarre and I'm sure you'll think it's bizarre to apply something that is a solid blue or green but fear not, it'll develop into a lovely red, pink, or orange tint. 

Now, I wasn't expecting anything too great from these since I bought them purely for the sake of novelty but they certainly surprised me. Each of these have a scent: green = apple, blue = melon (but it does have an odd chemical smell, doesn't really smell like melon to me, it's not off putting though), and then yellow = citrus/orangey-lemon.

They are also quite moisturizing. They didn't dry out my lips like some lip tints do. Also, they react to your ph level, so the brightness or shade is based on your specific ph level. And something I figured out later on, once you apply it it also "stains" your lips. I actually wasn't expecting this since it's a tint/balm. I figured it'd give you a bit of color and once it wears off, it's off. But no, once the moisturizing balm wears off (from eating/drinking/etc) your lips still have color on them and it looks good. Sometimes I find that lip products that do this make it seem like you've been drinking a lot of Kool-aid and it gives you a funky lip stain that you try to desperately scrub off. But these are nice. They're fun, easy to apply, and fairly natural. I'd recommend them to everyone but I also think they'd be nice for younger girls who aren't allowed to wear too much makeup or just starting to wear makeup. 

The swatches on my hand are a light pink, subtle red, and an orange shade. The more you apply the more vibrant the color will be. 

What do you think? What are some of your favorite novelty beauty products?


  1. Lol..that's pretty cool..and great color output!
    following! :)

  2. If you had to choose between the blue or green, which one would you choose, in terms of colors?

    This would actually be something that I would buy. I like how subtle it is. I also like how it almost looks like you are putting on this green lipstick color, but its actually pink.

    1. Well, it depends on the type of color you'd prefer. The blue smells like some weird version of melon and goes on as a lighter pink. The green smells like apple and is suppose to be more red in color but goes on like a darker pink. I like them both. So for me it'd be a coin toss.

  3. Aww the packaging of these are soo adorable!
    I really thought that these were literally green, blue and yellow lipsticks ;P
    hahaa but the colours are really gorgeous and very shiny!