Friday, 9 August 2013

essence Lip Products

As mentioned in a previous post (here) I bought a few essence products a couple of weeks ago. More impulsive than anything. But essence products are so affordable and fun I didn't feel too guilty. I still feel as essence is more for a younger age group but hell, who cares about age. The only downside is these will just feel "unsuitable" and look "unsuitable" for those of us who are more experienced wearers of makeup. Never fear though...Read on and find out more :)

First we have...

London Mini Lip Gloss & New York Mini Lip Gloss:

A tiny group of 3 lip glosses that can be worn alone or paired together. I was mainly attracted to the opaque colors of the set hoping that they would be true to what they seemed to be. They have a very slight tint to them. It's not the best but not the worst either. The others are glitter overlays, that you can see if you squint. There is one that is strictly clear (something I have never been fond of). I think my 7th grade teacher put it best, "that lip gloss looks like you rubbed a bunch of chicken grease all over your lips." I can't argue with her, there is a resemblance. Although these aren't for me I think they'd be perfect for a pre-teen/teenager who is just starting to dabble in makeup or is only allowed to wear minimal makeup. So if you have a daughter, niece, cousin might make a nice surprise gift. They were near the 2 euro mark. 

Next we have...

 Me & My Ice Cream Lip Balm:

These were definitely more promising. Nothing too major. Just ice cream flavor scented lip balms. The purple/blue one is called Ben & Cherries (there is a faint scent of cherry) and the cream/pink one is Icylicious (smells strongly like vanilla/cake). The balm is quite nice, absorbs well, and moisturizes. No new tricks or anything. Just something a little quirky/fun to have around. Switch things up a bit. 

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