Thursday, 1 August 2013

Quick Fix Facials

Effective and Affordable!

I picked these beauties up at Boots a few weeks ago. New product on the shelves so they quickly caught my eye. Since they were on offer I bought two best for my skin needs: Calming and Brightening. There are other masks for other skincare needs as well : Anti-Blemish, Moisturizing, and Exfoliating. Based on my experiences with the Brightening and Calming, I'm willing to bet the others work wonders as well. Read on to get the details :)

Quick Fix Brightening Peel Mask

Aimed to aid dull and uneven skin tone. The texture of the product is clear, thick and is a gel-like substance. You put a thin layer on your face in the same manner you'd put any mask on. Avoid putting on too much as it could get messy and take forever to dry. If you keep the product to a minimum you'll avoid having to wait forever and hopefully not having it make a mess in your hair. This seems like a no brainer: but tie your hair up and try to keep it a centimeter or two away from your hairline. After about 10 mins it'll start drying and you'll feel it starting to crackle and you'll be tempted to start pulling it off. Make sure it's completely dry before you start peeling it. I particularly love peeling it off. It kinda feels like you're in kindergarten all over again spreading glue on your skin and peeling it off. (Did anyone else love this? Or am I just weird...) After you've peeled it off you can rinse your face off with warm water to get any remaining product off. The effects are noticeable, the skin does look brighter and more radiant altogether. The effects are not long lasting however, your skin will stay bright and fresh for a few hours, so like the name of the product it's a "quick fix." For the price (about 5 euro, less if on offer) of the product and how much you get, I'd recommend it and definitely purchase again. 

Quick Fix Calming Clay Mask

Aimed at helping redness and sensitive skin. Very smooth texture and glides on to the skin very easily. The smell is also very pleasant and calming. This mask is definitely less messy than the Brightening Peel. The instructions are the same. Put it on, wait 10 mins, and rinse. My skin is definitely softer and the redness of any blemishes definitely is less noticeable. I like to use it as a prep for any possible "harsh" products I may put on my skin, especially if I use any new "spot treatments." And if I do have irritation after the use of new products, I use the mask and it soothes it away. Again, I recommend it for those with sensitive skin.


  1. Do you know how long these face mask products last for? I tend to buy some, use them for a few weeks, then abandon them because I get bored.

    While using these products did you get any sort of cooling effect (or any other effect) from the mask? I tend to like items that do things like that, to "invigorate" my skin.

    1. The brightening one that I mentioned here has kind of a tingling effect and smells really good. But let me tell ya, if you want something truly amazing and hardcore you need to try GlamGlo. Now, I got it as a gift for Christmas last year, and I ended up loving it. But the price of it is kinda scary. Too expensive for me to just buy willy-nilly without a steady income. But the effects are pretty great. But warning: it will burn like a motherfucker for a few minutes. You'll feel like your faces is on fire. It does a great job at removing dry/dull skin and really brightens you up. I got a small tub and it lasted me 5 months, I used it a few times a month. It probably could've lasted me longer too if i had used a lighter hand.