Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nivea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

I've been using this product for months. It's one of the few night creams that I'd buy again. Most night creams just don't jive with my skin or quirky preferences. I'm picky about the scent, the texture, absorption, and just how it feels in generally sitting on my face. (I don't know why I said quirky. I think most women are particular about these things).

As you can see it's quite a creamy product. A couple of good things about the texture: it's not thick like like glue (some products are just really heavy) and it's not watery like other products. It's very much so a happy medium (at least for me). The scent is similar to all Nivea products, which may be a turn off for some people but I kind of find the scent comforting. I kind of think that's how some brands hook you. Say you mother used Nivea when you were a kid and you smelled it all the time, then you started using because a) you're mother used it and recommended it and who really goes against their mother on these things? b) it reminds you of your childhood. Brands like Always and Kotex I think use the same philosophy (well kinda). The mother uses a particular brand and passes it down to daughter. Anyway...totally off topic. To knock everything I just said on the head: my mother never used Nivea products. In fact I have no idea what she uses if anything at all. But dammit, I use Nivea and like it.

Also note: I use the anti-wrinkle/aging ranges simply because the "gel" better with my skin. I've used "normal" or products for "young" skin and they either don't work or break me out. For whatever reason the "mature" skin products just seem to work better. And hell, can't really start too early on preventing and firming up present wrinkles.

I'll break the rest of the review down like this:

Texture: Creamy (not too thick or too watery)

Scent: Typical Nivea which can be a good or bad thing.

Absorption: Absorbs well. No greasy feeling in the morning. My skin drinks this stuff like a person who drinks water on summer's day in Texas.

Results: My skin is smoother, brighter, softer, and overall just much better. I always notice a difference when I don't use this for a few days.

Have you tried this before? What is your favorite Night Cream?


  1. I love Nivea moisturisers, I think they are fantastic. Although I prefer their daily essentials night cream as it is a heavy cream and it just works for me. It's funny how different skins work better with different products :) x

  2. I like L'Oreal Derma Genenis for night, but Nivea is god too :)