Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Korean Cosmetics/Skincare & W2Beauty Sponsorship Program

A Wonderful Online Shop for all Your Skincare and Makeup Needs!

I came across Korean Beauty/Skincare products by accident. I had heard whisperings of how Korean skincare and cosmetics were some of the best in the world but initially didn't pay it any attention because seriously, "where am I going to get these products? And besides they'll probably cost a fortune..." I couldn't have been more WRONG! I stumbled upon a blog The Wanderlust Project and it inspired me to finally research Korean Cosmetics and I found tons of shops that shipped the products worldwide! I didn't know where to start! After browsing for hours I finally decided that W2Beauty.com was the best shop given it had the most products/brands available, great prices, and amazing deals/discounts! I love this shop so much that I decided to be part of their sponsorship program. If you're interested please read on to find out how you can get an automatic discount and learn about some of my favorite brands W2Beauty carries! 

 Sponsorship & Discount

I signed up for the sponsorship program and basically for every person that uses my code: 2863205 or email (wellsam@hendrix.edu)  to register, they'll receive a discount on their purchase (and the best thing about this shop is you can use multiple discount codes!!!!) Also, for every item you purchase you get points that add up to vouchers eventually. You honestly can't beat this shop for its amazing deals.


The pictures above are featured on my blog and will lead you directly to the site. They are on the top right side of my blog and very bottom of my blog. You can't miss them!

Also, with any purchase no matter how small you get free samples, and they samples are plentiful and great quality. And if you purchase $60 or more you get FREE GIFTS! The more you buy the more you get :) And as it states on the banners there is free shipping worldwide, or you can pay around $2 (less in euro) for a tracking number. It's well worth it. 

And one last note about the shop: THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AMAZING! Alice, the owner is very sweet and helpful, you can email her at w2beautysales@gmail.com with any questions about brands/products, shipping times, orders, discounts, sponsorship etc....She's great. 

Brands I Love:

In the land of BB Creams and Kawaii you can't go wrong with this site. It carries the most popular brands both the more expensive and the less expensive (there is something here for anyone's budget). And from what I've researched the expensive and cheaper brands are both very high quality products. Anyway here's some brands:

Etude House:

Etude House carries really fun products that range from skincare, makeup, nails, cleansing skincare, and body care. The packaging is always really interesting/cute. For those of you who like to leave their products on display on a vanity or dresser, these are great options. So far I've bought some toner (Wonder Pore Freshner (click here for review)), primer (Goodbye Pore Ever Primer), and some lipsticks and eyeliner that are currently on their way and will review soon! 

Here is Etude House's website: http://www.etudehouse.com/eng/

Here is the link to Etude House products on W2beauty: http://w2beauty.com/en/283-etude-house

Tony Moly:

Tony Moly also has a fun range of products, very cute packaging. I've have one lip gloss bar (which you can find on the review I linked previously). I really love the cute cat packaging and recently purchased 3 of the Cat Chu Wink Crazy tint sticks.


Skin79, I believe, is most popular for it's BB Creams, particularly the coveted Hot Pink BB Cream. It has a pretty wide range of BB Creams. I've tried a few different samples, the Hot Pink one didn't work for my skin tone at all, but some of the other versions have more options when it comes to skin tone. 


I absolutely adore SkinFood cleansing products. I've mostly tried their Black Sugar range, the scrub mask and cleansing oil. Smells divine and works like a charm. I've also sampled their BB Creams, and I like them. Decent range for skin tones compared to other brands. 

SkinFood website: http://eng.theskinfood.com

W2beauty SkinFood: http://w2beauty.com/en/702-Skinfood-w2beauty


Innisfree is a natural beauty line and has a wide range of products. (Most brands have makeup, skincare, cleansing, and body care ranges). I've tried one of their bb creams and really liked it (unfortunately I threw the sample away and can't recall it's name). I've recently bought their Mineral Melting Foundation after reading some reviews.

You can find all these products and many many more on w2beauty's website here

I hope this post was informative. And I hope you utilize my code when/if you register on their website!

Please contact me either in the comments section of this post or email me: wellsam@hendrix.edu if you want any more info or have questions!


  1. Thank you so much for the recommendations - BB creams aren't really my bag but I can't wait to try some make-up! :o) X


    1. The makeup is really cute and high quality. The skincare is also amazing. Their BB creams are different from the ones we get over here, they are a lot heavier. I generally like my skin to be more on the naked side but have been curious about Korean BB creams for awhile.

  2. Whats BB creams? How would I know if the hot pink one would work for me?

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