Saturday, 17 August 2013

HipHopCandy Sweet Macaron & Surprise Gifts

Some of the Cutest Products I've Ever Purchased!

I had been eyeing this small online shop for months. Never sure if I'd take the plunge and buy. Part of the reason was the shipping costs. The more you buy the more it costs etc... And if I was going to buy I wanted it to be worth it. I had been specifically pining for the Sweet Macaron body lotion and roll-on perfume. All the reviews I read were fantastic, 4 & 5 stars. Finally after months of being unsure I caved in and decided to get the Sweet Macaron lotion and roll-on perfume and then because I couldn't decided what else I wanted, I decided to get a "mystery" package. In this you get at least 5 items and you can recommend what you might like to try as well. For instance I told them I was dying to try some of the "food" inspired lip balms and got 2 :) which made me a very happy gal. Read on for more info on the products :)

* Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I just couldn't keep my hand steady for the life of me. 

Sweet Macaron Lotion and Roll-On Perfume:

I'm well beyond pleased about this purchase. All of the products from this shop are handmade. And they all have very specific scents. Other options are "Frosted Cupcake" "Cinnabun" "Fudge Brownie" and they also have more flowery/fruity scents as well. And a unique and popular scent is "Unicorn Poo" which I now wish I would have purchased and will probably purchase fairly soon. 

I chose Sweet Macaron because for whatever I was on a macaron kick. And I'm soooo glad I did. Sometimes when you purchase "food" scented products you never know what you're gonna get. If a food product is sweet you could just end up with a generically sweet smelling product with no specific quality that says this is "such and such." But with both this lotion and perfume you get all the notes, and the most surprising for me was actually smelling the ground almond. Which for those of you who know what ground almond smells like, it's a very specific scent. 

Overall, the lotion is sweet smelling with hints of vanilla, possibly coconut, and definitely ground almond. And better yet, the perfume smells exactly the same. Also, the staying power is quite strong even with only using little of the product. You'll get whiffs throughout the whole day without much fading.  

The only downside is that these are tiny products. From what I've read they'll last you a good long while but wish they came in bigger sizes. The site recently announced that they'll be making double the size of their lotions in their 5 most popular scents. Good news is all the products are fairly cheap. And the site has special deals all the time. And for those of us who live outside the U.S. they do deals on half off shipping often. So keep a look out!

Mint Chocochip & Toasty Marshmallow Lip Balm:

These are so cute and fantastic! They smell like exactly what they are! It takes me back to my Lip Smacker days as a kid, but this is waaaaay better. I'm constantly using lip balm and it's just nice to mix it up a bit. Again, these are handmade. They have a good consistency and they work! No complaints here. 

Surprise Bits:

Girly Ninja Necklace

3 Buttons

These were just some fun items included in the mystery package. They have so many things to choose from. And like I said you can "influence" your mystery package if you want, especially if you know the type of thing you want but are indecisive. 

Overall, this is a great shop based in New York and you should absolutely check them out on their website: & their facebook page (you'll find out about most of their deals here): 


  1. I am really attracted to the toasty marshmallow lip balm. I am eyeing their website now!

    I also just want the unicorn poo body spray for the name. I dont know if I should just buy it because of that, because I generally dont like to smell like food and thats what it is .....

  2. How did you come across this site btw?

    1. I think I was going crazy searching for "macaron" related products, originally stationery and then this cropped up and I was like OMG soooo cute and interesting. Right now they are having a 20% off sale until Monday, you can apply the code 100k in the "apply coupon" box before you check out. The Unicorn Poo has been likened to "juicy fruit" in some of the reviews.

  3. Aww, these are so cute! OMG, Marshmallow flavoured lip balm ;O
    Great blog + posts :)


    1. Thanks! These are some really lovely/fun products. I can't wait to buy more.