Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Weekend Chill-out Goods

There was recently a Bank Holiday weekend and I decided to completely chill-out for a few hours reading Love and Vogue magazines. Love is a fantastic magazine, a bit of fashion and lots of creative spreads. And well, Vogue, it's just a classic go-to. Also picked up some items for nail/hand care. I feel like my hands take a beating during the week and just has them looking neglected. These items did just the trick. Read on to find out more. :)

Elegant Touch: Rapid Dry for Nails:

I thought about getting quick dry nail drops but they were more expensive and I had tried the sprays before and they've always worked fine. This one is no different. It's quite affordable and works. And that's a plus in my world. :) The only thing to watch out for is messing up one set of nails while spraying the other. If possible get a friend to spray your nails for you.

Cuitipen Cuticle Remover:

I've never used "cuticle" anything because I've never had a problem with my cuticles until recently. Well, I guess I've never really ignored my nails/hands until now so...anyway I picked this up at Boots. There were actually several options for this sort of product but I picked this one up because it was the cheapest, although I was tempted to pick up the O.P.I. brand (I wanted to get O.P.I. brand everything but then I'd be broke). The process is pretty self explanatory. You have this pen, it applies a cuticle cream, and has a tip to clean up the cuticles and gets rid of dried up ragged cuticles. It's highly effective and for the price of it I'd purchase again.

Sally Hansen Complete Care Nail Conditioner:

This is a nice 4-in-1 moisturizing treatment. It claims to :

Fill Ridges
Promote healthy growth
And can be used as a glossy top coat

Overall, it treats dry and brittle nails brilliantly. I've used this in the past and it's done wonders. Figured I'd shell out the 10 euro to have beautiful natural nails again.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Hand Repair Cream:

I've tried this hand cream out once before and I really liked it so I decided to buy it. It was on sale for half off which basically sealed my decision. I really like this hand cream primarily because it doesn't have a strong scent. It doesn't really smell like anything. Very neutral almost chemical-like but not in a terrible way. It fades out quickly. There are just days, especially when I'm applying hand cream often, that I just don't want to smell any particular smell. It's a creamy balm that isn't greasy and absorbs quickly. I hate greasy lotions/balms. I don't want to leave my imprint everywhere after applying. It does what it claims to do: replenishes moisture and leaves hands soft and supple. It's a lovely hand cream and does wonders!

*Also pictured are some cosmetic swabs, good for applying eyeshadow, but I primarily got them for cleaning up my nails after painting them.

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