Wednesday, 7 August 2013

essence I heart Extreme Volume Mascara & I heart Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen

 Nice & Affordable & Fun

I bought a few essence products not too long ago (so expect a few posts here and there on them) and I had been eyeing these 2 products for awhile but it took me a bit to finally allow myself to purchase them. Don't know why it was such a struggle when these products are so cheap! Read on for more info!

I heart Extreme Volume Mascara:

First off, this brush/wand is huge! I don't think I had ever used a brush this big before. It was kind of intimidating. That being said, because of its size it was kind of awkward getting the corners of my eyes etc...I was terrified of making a mistake or poking my eye. But the end result is quite nice. My eyelashes were full, not as full as other higher end mascaras can do, but still pretty great flaking or smudging or clumping. That's really what I care about, I hate it when mascara flakes. This was a great deal for the price when is a little over 3 euro. 

I heart Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen:

I really wanted to love this eyeliner. I like the simple packaging. It's fun (a tad tween). And honestly it's not a bad product, it just has one major setback: the smell. I actually smells like a real marker, like what you'd get out of a Crayola pack. It really puts me off and kind of gives me a headache. The actual look of the eyeliner is quite decent though. It goes on dark and isn't watery. You could get away with one application easy. Because it's kind of "fat" but has a a fine tip as well, you can have a choice of a thicker or finer line. I mark it down because of the smell but it's a decent product and doesn't wear off after hours of wear. 

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